STR-103 is an excellent wetting, leveling and flow control agent for a variety of solvent-borne and high-solids organic polymer coating systems. It drastically lowers surface tension and helps coatings overcome problems caused by surface contamination.
  Product : STR-103
  Composition : proprietary surfactant blend
  Ionic Nature : Non-ionic
  Appearance : Clear to slight hazy yellow liquid
  Properties : STR ­ 103 obtains very low surface tensions, Thereby faster and deeper wetting and leveling. It can improve flow characteristics.
  PH 1% solution : 5-7
  Solubility : Soluble in acetone,benzene,ethanol,corbon- Tetrachloride,IPA,oleic acid.
  Application : All types of solvents based coating system
  Addtition : &0.5% to 1% of total weight.
  Storage : Should be stored in cool and dry place.
  Packaging : 50 kg & 100 kg non-returnable containers.
[ Eaxmple : First you finished 100 kg enamel paint and store in a 200 kg M.S drum and add 500 gms. REBLOW-49 in paint then stirred (2800 rpm with 3H.P motor) for 5to10 min. Now add 20 to 25 kg. water and again stirer for 10 to 15 min.] Use pure linseced base alkyed (60% oil length ) for best result.
  Important note : this data sheet is intended to give technical specification without Any obligation of our company while formulation company has to decided the Formulation in laboratory before going for commercial production.